Tom Johnston

Tom Johnston

What were you doing/ where were you working prior to attending the 2 week course?

Recently retired

What made you decide to do the 2 week course?

I had a general aim to improve my culinary skills. The prospectus ticked all the right boxes, since it covered many techniques which either I had never done, or which I had done badly

What made you pick Let’s Cook Scotland?

A very warm recommendation from Christopher Trotter, professional chef and Fife's Food Ambassador

What was your first catering job or work experience following the course?


Did the 2 week course help you with your employability with cooking/ other jobs? Or how did it help you with cooking at home for friends and family?

Tickets to dinners at our house are now traded on eBay. No, seriously, family and friends have all commented on the significant improvement in my range and overall skills. It has also saved us a fortune in bread bills, as I make virtually all of ours at home.

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