Kate Mackie

Kate Mackie

What were you doing/ where were you working prior to attending the 2 week course?

I was a student at university and attended the course during my summer holidays.

What made you decide to do the 2 week course?

I wanted to do a cookery course that would give me the skills to carry out paid cooking jobs during my university holidays, and I now hope to continue this into the future. I also completed the course as part of my Duke of Edinburgh award.

What made you pick Let’s Cook Scotland?

Let's Cook Scotland was recommended by a friend who had taken this particular course and had subsequently cooked for paying clients, as I wished to do

What was your first catering job or work experience following the course?

The week after the course ended I got a job cooking for a family and their guests at a lodge in Scotland. I got this job through the agency I signed up with whilst on the course. This was an ideal first job as I cooked what the family wanted each day and did not have to plan menus myself, giving me great cooking experience without too much pressure.

Did the 2 week course help you with your employability with cooking/ other jobs? Or how did it help you with cooking at home for friends and family?

The course gave me the confidence and key skills to allow me to carry out cooking jobs. The agency connection has been vital to the work I got following the course. I also feel much more confident cooking for friends and family at home especially due to the advice on timings and all the lovely fail-safe recipes we got.

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