Corrie Robertson

Corrie Robertson

What were you doing/ where were you working prior to attending the 2 week course?

I was working in a small tearoom which sold bought-in soups and cakes, and wanted to learn new skills to move towards homemade products

What made you decide to do the 2 week course?

I wanted to develop the tearoom where I was working and from customer feedback I knew that homemade products were in demand; the course taught me many new skills for making soups and light lunches to develop our menu, as well as showing me new techniques for baking; in addition we covered some fine dining skills which has helped me to find a new job in the catering industry where I can progress

What made you pick Let’s Cook Scotland?

I had heard about Let's Cook Scotland from a friend who had been on the 2-week course and really enjoyed it, and after looking at the website I decided that this would be the perfect way to learn a broad range of skills

What was your first catering job or work experience following the course?

After the course I returned to work in the same tearoom as before, where I transformed the menu to include the skills I had learned and through this managed to increase income by >30% compared to the previous year

Did the 2 week course help you with your employability with cooking/ other jobs? Or how did it help you with cooking at home for friends and family?

Definitely - I recently moved from Aberdeen to Newcastle and I am sure that including the 2 week course on my CV helped me to get a job offer; I now work for a company which runs 2 cafes, a fine-dining restaurant and an events kitchen, so I have lots of opportunity to build on skills from Let's Cook Scotland and progress up the career ladder. The 2-week course was a major influence in deciding that catering was the right career for me and has given me the confidence to follow this dream

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