Ailsa Clark

Ailsa Clark

What were you doing/ where were you working prior to attending the 2 week course?

Working at Blairmore Farm & Estates Ltd, running holiday let accommodation with a small catering option. Also working as a physiotherapist.

What made you decide to do the 2 week course?

I wanted to expand my cooking knowledge and skills I did not feel comfortable following recipes and often didn't know how to execute the technical details in some them. I really wanted to expand my knowledge and gain confidence.

What made you pick Let’s Cook Scotland?

Primarily due to a recommendation from a friend and secondarily due to the location.

What was your first catering job or work experience following the course?

Shortly following the course I was asked to cater a small private party for guests of the cottages - it was a 4 course dinner with canapés.

Did the 2 week course help you with your employability with cooking/ other jobs? Or how did it help you with cooking at home for friends and family?

In short this course has helped no end! It has increased my confidence and skill set. It has allowed me to increase the catering side of our business and the enjoyment that I have for cooking has increased as well as my confidence has increased. On top of this my friends love it - expecially the vegetarians as they are no longer stuck with Macaroni and Cheese when they come round for dinner! In addition to this the continued support from Sarah has been invaluable. She has always been available to answer technical questions and when I first started to further develop the business she was on hand to help with any questions I had. I can't recommend this course highly enough as either a course for the enthusiastic home cook or someone wishing to start a career in catering. Thank you!

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