Rosie King

Rosie King

What were you doing/ where were you working prior to attending the 2 week course?

I had just left school and had only a small part time weekend job!

What made you decide to do the 2 week course?

Of course part of it was my parent's encouragement to do a course which will help me learn how to cook properly. Perhaps the main reason was that I was also aware if I wanted to pick up any jobs like for example: being a Chalet Girl, cooking for shooting lodges in the summer to earn some money or even nannying/Au Pair-ing, having decent culinary skills would help me out big time.

What made you pick Let’s Cook Scotland?

The small classes and therefore student to teacher ratio meant a very appealing atmosphere to learn in, and we had so much one-one-one tuition which meant we could all work productively and efficiently each day. I had also recently passed my driving test, so it was a great opportunity to improve my confidence and ability driving a short distance over the two weeks in summer.

What was your first catering job or work experience following the course?

A 17 week season full of catering for a family of 6 people each week, in the French Alps during the winter following the Let's Cook cookery course.

Did the 2 week course help you with your employability with cooking/ other jobs? Or how did it help you with cooking at home for friends and family?

Of course! I think people are often unaware of the opportunities that a cookery course can bring. Aside from the obvious culinary skills that will equip you to cater at home or throughout Uni, the course also improves your confidence with food handling, preparation, and presentation. You learn how to professionally organise your time, learn how to order meats and work with others. The most important thing I have learn is the endless amount of opportunities that cooking can lead you into. You do not need to want to be a chef to do a cooking course, nor have any cooking ability beyond a very basic knowledge before you do the course. Let's Cook actively encourage each of their students to apply to various cookery agencies, which sounds extremely daunting but when opportunities present themselves to work somewhere for a few days, even as an assistant chef, you will be amazed at how quickly your skills and confidence will develop. Before you know it you will have the capability to look after weeks of guests independently, whenever/wherever the opportunity arises. Trust me. The biggest benefit of all, is that if you enjoy cooking, you will love the job and looking after weeks of guests so much that you find yourself staying in touch long after the week is over. And, you can call it a job! Each opportunity of work can take you to any corner of the world, and will leave you with experiences you will always remember. If this hasn't persuaded you to take on a cookery course already, hopefully the fact that you will get (well) paid for the work you do on top of all that, should at least make you consider investing in a short cookery course. Check out the two week course that Let's Cook offer, it has definitely been one of the best decisions I've made.