Gift Vouchers

After eight years of successfully running one day courses, I am looking to change the direction of Let’s Cook Scotland and concentrate more on the longer cooking courses.  From April 2018 we will no longer be offering weekend one day courses. As a result you will no longer be able to buy any open gift vouchers for the one day courses.  

You will just be able buy places on specific courses and ask us to send out a Gift Voucher for that specific place. They of course (within reason!) can be changed for another course if the person can’t make the date you booked for them.

All current open vouchers will have to be redeemed before 1st April 2018. We will be emailing all the customers who have recently bought vouchers to remind their friends and family to use their voucher and not let it sit in the drawer! 

Please don’t worry there will still be plenty of one day courses available up until the middle of next year.